Sodium sulfate wastewater evaporation crystallization case

85.5 t/h sodium sulfate wastewater evaporation system(Caike Chemical Group)

Caike Chemical Group is the largest supplier of dyes and pigment intermediates in China, during the production of the company's product DSD acid, the content of inorganic salts (sodium sulfate) in the reducing wastewater is about 30000mg/L. While the standard stipulates that the inorganic salt content in the drainage to be drained is less than 2,000mg/L, which cannot meet the discharging standard. Given the above reasons, the company has independently developed and designed a six-effect evaporation device system for evaporation treatment to remove the inorganic salts (sodium sulfate) from the wastewater.


The daily treatment capacity of DSD acidic wastewater is 2,000m3/d; The evaporation capacity of the evaporation station is 85.5t/h; The consumption of raw steam is ≤ 208kg (steam)/ton (water); And the electricity consumption is ≤ 2.83 kWh/ton of water; The automation control level is fully automatic, which can achieve one-click start, one-click shutdown, and one-click cleaning; The successful one-time test run operation of this project marks that the company's technical design has reached the international advanced level, and will make new contributions to the development of energy conservation and environmental protection!

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