Sodium gluconate evaporation crystallization project

 991.jpg Sodium gluconate evaporation crystallization project(Shandong XiWang Group)

The key projects of XiWang Sugar Company, a subsidiary of Xiwang Group, the "Sugar Capital of China": the 25t/h*2 sodium gluconate and 10t/h sodium gluconate mother liquor projects have been officially put into operation; 


The market share of the sodium gluconate evaporator, which is independently designed and developed by Anhui Jinlong Machinery Co., Ltd., is over 98%. The company has accumulated a lot of experience in the engineering practice of sodium gluconate evaporator for nearly ten years. We have applied all the experience and advantages to this project, ensuring that the project has reached the most advanced equipment manufacturing level in China and even in the world.

The technical parameters for this project to be put into operation are as the followings: unit steam consumption per ton of water is ≤ 230kg for four-effect evaporation of sodium gluconate; unit power consumption per ton of water is ≤ 6.9kw/h; The unit steam consumption per ton of water of sodium gluconate mother liquor three-effect evaporation is ≤280kg; The unit power consumption per ton of water is ≤9.75kw/h; the degree of automation control is fully automatic, which can achieve one-button start and one-button cleaning and one-button shutdown.

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