Application example of evaporation concentration crystallization of high-salt water

Application example of evaporation concentration crystallization of high-salt water(Inner Mongolia Changsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd)

The wastewater comprehensive recycling project --- it is the first pharmaceutical company in China that realize "Zero discharge" in wastewater purification and recycling.Inner Mongolia Changsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. adopts the world's most advanced super reverse osmosis (SR) process to treat wastewater, completely overcoming the difficult of wastewater treatment in domestic pharmaceutical industry and realizing the recycling and reusing of industrial water. More than 99% of the wastewater can be recycled after being treated by micro-electrolysis, softening, sand filtration, ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO), super reverse osmosis (SR), evaporation crystallization (MED), etc. The water treated by super reverse osmosis technology is clear and transparent without any color or smell. The main indicators such as COD, ammonia nitrogen, pH, and conductivity of the recycled water meet the standards for industrial reuse water (GB-T 19923-2005, "Quality of Industrial Water from Urban Wastewater Reuse"); The salt in the sewage can be recycled and reused through the integrated operation of evaporation-crystallization-centrifugation. The evaporation crystallization (MED) system in the above process is designed, manufactured, installed, commissioned and delivered by our company. The evaporation crystallization (MED) system in the later stage of the company's project are once again be developed and designed by our company with more advanced process technology solutions, and our company are responsible for the turnkey project of the entire system.

Typical process flow chart for the zero discharge of wastewater

The wastewater enters the RO system after pretreatment, and the RO thick water enters the high-efficiency electrodialysis (HED) system for high-level concentration, and the thick water from the high-efficiency electrodialysis system enters the multi-effect evaporation system for treatment, thereby realizing zero discharge of wastewater.
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