Mvr sodium chloride wastewater evaporation crystallization project case

 991.jpg Sodium chloride wastewater evaporation crystallization engineering case(Zhongshan Chemical Group)

Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Group is a global leading agricultural and chemical production enterprise, during the production process of its product triazine herbicides, a large amount of wastewater mainly containing sodium chloride is generated, while for the MVR low-temperature evaporation crystallization device, which is designed by our company can extract sodium chloride from the wastewater. The system runs smoothly and the crystallized sodium chloride can meet the standard of secondary industrial salt;
The characteristics of this process are as the followings: high-efficiency falling film evaporation method adopted for the pre-concentration, which has the advantages of low energy consumption and high heat transfer coefficient for the concentration of materials with no crystal precipitation and with viscosity less than 200cp; The evaporation crystallizer (which is external heated and forced reverse circulation with washing legs, and with axial discharging and radial feeding) is independently designed and developed by our company has the advantages of fast crystallization growth, anti scaling, and anti clogging, as well as a high heat transfer coefficient. It can achieve material discharging at high solid content without affecting the system operation.


d.jpgThe system adopts a PLC control system, with automatic control for temperature, pressure, liquid level, and flow rate. During normal production, the entire process can be automatically controlled, achieving the effect that the production site is unmanned.


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