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Forced circulation evaporator

According to the number of effects, there are single-effect, double-effect, three-effect, four-effe
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d.jpgProduct range

According to the number of effects, there are single-effect, double-effect, three-effect, four-effect, five-effect, six-effect evaporators.

d.jpgProduct description

For a forced circulation evaporator, it relies on an external circulation pump to circulate the liquid, and there are two structures for the heating chamber: horizontal and vertical. The liquid circulation speed is adjusted by the pump. There are several types of forced circulation evaporators: single-effect, double-effect, three-effect, four-effect, and multi-effect forced circulation evaporators. The forced circulation evaporator vacuum concentration equipment is an efficient and energy-saving equipment developed and developed by our company, which operates under vacuum and low temperature conditions, and has the characteristics of fast flow rate of liquid material, fast evaporation and not easy to scale. According to the positions of the inlet and outlet of the circulating liquid in the separation chamber, the evaporator can be sorted into positive and a reverse forced circulation evaporator. For the inlet position of the circulating liquid at the upper part of the outlet, it is called a positive circulation, while for the reverse, it is called a reverse circulation. Reverse circulation forced evaporator has more advantages. It relies on an external forced circulation pump to circulate the liquid, and there are two structures for the heating chamber: horizontal and vertical. The liquid circulation speed is adjusted by the pump.

Application field
This evaporator is widely used for handling of solutions which is viscous, with precipitation crystallization, easy to scale, or highly concentrated solutions, especially when operating under vacuum conditions, its applicability is outstanding. The forced circulation evaporator produced by our company is widely used in the evaporation and crystallization operation of sodium chloride, ammonium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, zinc sulfate, sodium sulfate, Sodium sulfite, sodium gluconic, cobalt chloride, gulonic acid, alkali sulfide etc.

d.jpgWorking principle:

1、Heating chamber: The heat exchange tube is the most important thermal load element of the evaporator, which directly determines the thermal efficiency and service life of the evaporator.
(1)The steam enters the heating chamber through multiple channels, which is special designed by our company to effectively avoid the impact of high-speed steam flow on the heating tube.
(2)The evaporation tubes are evenly distributed on the tube plate, improving the thermal efficiency of the steam.
(3)Special devices are installed inside the heating chamber, which effectively overcomes the vibration of the evaporation tubes and prolongs the steam residence time, which is beneficial to heat transfer.
(4)Non-condensable gases in the heating chamber can be discharged.
2、Evaporation separation crystallization chamber: The evaporation chamber is an upright cylinder with a conical bottom to facilitate the discharge of crystal slurry. The secondary vapor is discharged from the top, and enters the vapor-liquid separator after being demistered by the demister, and then enters the condenser. The conical bottom of the evaporation chamber is connected to the circulating pump.
3、Demister: The main function is to prevent the fine droplets formed during the evaporation process from being carried and escaped by the secondary vapor. Separation of vapor and liquid can reduce the loss of the liquid material, and prevent pollution of the pipelines and cooling water.
4、Forced circulation pump: It is a specialized pump for forced circulation evaporation, which is processed based on the flow state, heat transfer efficiency, and resistance calculation requirements of the fluid in the heat exchange tube, and according to the technical conditions proposed by our company's process personnel.

d.jpgPerformance characteristics

1、The design of the entire system is reasonable and beautiful, the operation is stable, high efficiency and energy saving, and the steam consumption is low; the concentration ratio is large, and due to the use of forced circulation, all the viscous liquids are easy to flow and evaporate, resulting in a short concentration time;
2、With the special design, effect switching can be achieved through simple operation to adapt to the production of different products;
3、With the evaporation temperature, the heat is fully utilized. The liquid material is heated gently, so it is suitable for the concentration of heat-sensitive materials;
4、Forced circulation adopted for the evaporator, with uniform heating inside the tube and high heat transfer coefficient, it can prevent the phenomenon of "pipe blockage";
5、The liquid material enters the separator for further separation, enhancing the separation effect and giving the overall equipment greater operational flexibility;
6、The complete set of the equipment has a compact structure and a small floor area, and a simple and smooth layout, which represents the development direction of large-scale complete sets of evaporation equipment;
7、With a continuous feeding and discharging, the liquid level and the concentration requirement can be automatically controlled.

d.jpgProcess diagram


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