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Falling film evaporator

According to the number of effects, there are single-effect, double-effect, three-effect, four-effe
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d.jpgProduct range
According to the number of effects, there are single-effect, double-effect, three-effect, four-effect, five-effect, six-effect, seven-effect, and eight-effect evaporators.

d.jpgProduct description
The multi-effect falling film evaporator is a high-efficiency single cycle non-circulating film evaporation equipment, of which the film evaporation principle determines that it has the following characteristics: high heat transfer efficiency, small temperature difference loss, short heating time, less prone to deterioration, easy to operate with multiple effects, low energy consumption, small equipment size, etc. Multi-effect falling film evaporators are widely used in evaporation operations in chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, petrochemical, metallurgical and other industries. The main technical indicators of the falling film evaporator produced by our company have reached the international advanced level. Our company currently produces a series of products with ten major types including single-effect, double-effect, three-effect, four-effect, and five-effect, with or without the use of heat pumps, including material of A (carbon steel), B (stainless steel for contactable materials), C (stainless steel for all structural components), and T (titanium), which are over 600 specifications. The company can undertake the task of transforming other forms of evaporators into falling-film evaporation operation types, and can equip ordinary evaporators with heating pumps to reduce steam consumption, and can provide various auxiliary equipment to match with evaporators, all of which to meet the needs of users for evaporation of various materials.

Working principle
For a multi effect falling film evaporator, the liquid is added from  the upper tube box of the heating chamber of the falling film evaporator, distributes evenly through the liquid distribution and film forming device, and flows down along the inner wall of the heat exchange tube in a uniform film type. During the downflow process, the liquid is heated and vaporized by the shell side heating medium, and the generated vapor and liquid phase enter the separation chamber of the evaporator together. After sufficient separation of the vapor and liquid, the vapor enters the condenser for condensation (single-effect operation) or enters the next-effect evaporator as the heating medium to achieve multi-effect operation, while the liquid phase is discharged from the separation chamber. The principle of heat pump evaporation is that the secondary steam generated in the evaporator is pumped and compressed by a steam jet pump, and mixed with the raw steam (Or a mechanical compressor to compress the secondary steam), thus, low-grade secondary steam can be turned into high-grade heating steam for reuse, which greatly reducing the consumption of raw steam. For example, the steam consumption of single-effect heat pump evaporation can reach a dual or even triple effect level. Heat pump evaporation is especially suitable for heat sensitive materials and materials with small boiling point rise and occasions where high-pressure steam can be provided. With a slight change, the jet heat pump can also be used as a device for changing superheated steam into saturated steam.

d.jpgPerformance characteristics
(1)Simple and convenient operation
1、The start-up and shutdown operations of the falling film evaporator are simple and fast, and automatic control can be achieved.
2、There is very little residual material in the evaporator, and the starting up time is short. The material in the evaporator can be quickly emptied after stopping.
3、Equipped with a liquid distribution device with excellent performance, it is highly adaptable to flow changes.
4、Evaporation can be easily observed and adjusted through the sight glass and liquid level gauge.
(2)Suitable for evaporation of heat sensitive materials
1、The material can be heated and evaporated only once through the heat exchange tube, and the material is heated for a short time, which ensures the excellent quality of heat-sensitive materials by the multi-effect falling film evaporator.
2、Under vacuum operation, the evaporator can more reliably ensure the quality of heat sensitive materials. 
(3)Strong applicability
1、Suitable for the evaporation operation of most media and the crystallization operation of low viscosity media. 2、The evaporation temperature requirements of different media can be met by conveniently adjusting of the evaporation temperature.
(4)Low energy consumption, easy to achieve multi effect operation
The temperature difference loss of falling film evaporation is small, there is no boiling point increasing caused by hydrostatic pressure, and high heat transfer coefficient can still be guaranteed under small temperature difference (It can also operate normally and efficiently under the temperature difference of 5~7 ℃), so it is easy to achieve multi effect operation under the condition of a certain total temperature difference, so as to reduce steam consumption.
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